Expect Different: Why hire an artist/designer.

In my pursuit of being a small business owner, and actively trying to not go back into working in an office environment, becoming an artist/designer as a way to sustain a creative future is the best answer.

Custom FOUNDPUNK book shelf brackets made from new and found metal.

Why would artist/designer be a “thing?”

In my experience, working and creating solely as an artist, you don’t do a lot of art selling on a daily basis. The opportunity to sell art comes and goes like the wind on mostly windless days.

In truth, buying art is a luxury in most people’s minds. They realize almost every other thing is more important to put their money toward than purchasing a painting for their wall or a sculpture on a shelf.

Over the years, I’ve made note of that while honing the concept of FOUNDPUNK.

The integration of artistic sensibilities with the knowledge in working with different types of material gives me a unique edge on how to approach problems with creative solutions.


Also, taking design cues from antiques and Art Deco styling can lead to some really exciting design choices for anything from a useful container for the countertop at a business, to designing a client’s personal space.

The artist/designer has the ability to take a step back and make conscious decisions on what the best and most artistic design possibilities could be used and have the tools and skills to make it happen.

Listening, understanding and making note of thematics, can assist in making the project suite the needs of the client, while simultaneously making it personal and exciting.


At the base of it all, the goal is to maintain creative freedom and further my artistic design work for the foreseeable future and financial sustainability.

And be ready to help when someone needs to know a guy. 🙂

Custom doggie-dish holder

Check out more post on the site for the back stories on some of these projects.

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You Know A Guy: Utensil Holder and Card Organizer

YOU KNOW A GUY_ Utensil Holder

Need a custom made utensil holder and card organizer for your counter space to display in your restaurant, kitchen or cafe?

On display and in use at Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream!!
Artistically designed specific to your needs and location.
You know a guy who can fulfill those needs!
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You Know A Guy: Library Design and Installation

Every once in a while you have a job that’ll test your abilities as an artist.

Although I’ve painted IMG_7977rooms and put up shelves before, the installation of an entire library was an opportunity to use my creative skills in a practical manner and in a larger scale.

It helped that the client was familiar with my art and FOUNDPUNK work, so they trusted me to create a space for their collection of books that have been stored in boxes and creates.

Being able to work in different materials, such as wood and metal, coupled with a background in graphic design and sculpture, all the skills came together to design and interesting shelving system that wasn’t simply rectangle shelves, fixed to a wall.

As an artist/designer, being allowed be creative within my own style and having constant communication with the client and making suggestions for their space, made this project a wonderful experience and one I really, really would love to do again!

(Check out the progress photos and see what it took to bring the project to completion!)


Thanx for viewing!

You Know A Guy: Secure Custom Tip Jar

Problem solving…artistically.

Crossroads Coffee needed to secure the tip jar to keep people from walking away with their hard-earned money, so I was asked to design a cage for it that could be secure.

But, why would you hire an artist to just build a boxy-jail cell like contraption?

Answer: you wouldn’t…

YOU KNOW A GUY_ Tip Jar Cage

If you ask an artist that’s a “former” graphic designer, you get an artist interpretation of what a vintage espresso machine would look like for your counter top.

And I get higher visibility than I would in any gallery in town.
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FOUNDPUNK Kitchen Rack


One of the latest projects from the #FOUNDPUNK workshop was this classy thing here!

I was asked if I could create a unique shelf for her kitchen and trusted my skills to do something practical and cool… but not “crazy.”

With a combination of new, old and reclaimed, the pipe frame of the shelf came out looking good… but not “great.”

So, by adding a touches of sculptural elements, it went from looking like it came from a warehouse to looking like it came from an artist.

In the end the client said it was “…beyond my expectations!”
And I’m glad she called and let me do my thing!

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Collaboration Bench Repair & Resto Job…

The call came in that Andre Johnson had a bench he needed to repair and restore.

IMG_6949Knowing he was an artist that had a style that would look good on the wood I was going to replace, I convinced him to go beyond the initial idea and turn the job into a collaboration.

He agreed and when I went to pick up the bench and I immediately knew there was potential to this project to look awesome!

I went to work breaking it down,
fixing holes in the metal, adding
design elements and cutting the
wood to hand off to Andre to paint.

Once everything came back together, with new hardware, paint, sculptural elements and the painted and finished wood, it became a unique piece of art that was functional AND stylish!


Thanx to Andre for the collaboration opportunity.

And if you like to get a custom piece
of art like this bench, or a table,
or a shelf…

REMEMBER, you know a guy who works with the artist
that can make it happen! #artrepreneurrva #foundpunk #youknowaguyrva#ramseyartworks



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You Know A Guy… Broken Lock or Abandoned Bike Carcass


Someone called in great distress when her bike that’s trapped on a bike stand and the lock had broken, stranding her at work. With the right tool for the job, I was able to cut the lock off and free her bike.

If there’s a broken lock you have to fight with or abandoned bike carcass taking up space, you CAN get that taken care of and get that bike unlocked…
because, you know a guy!

You Know A Guy…Chair Repair

YOU KNOW A GUY_ Chair RepairA friend came to me with a problem. They liked these chairs, but the vinyl seat bottomed out on them. They had the option to buy a new pair, but knew the same thing would eventually happen, so they asked if I had a solution. I did. The solution was to reinforce the seat with metal underneath and use a natural white pine as the seat. Giving it the support it needed, and with the contrast in the colors, a great look as well!