Expect Different: Why hire an artist/designer.

In my pursuit of being a small business owner, and actively trying to not go back into working in an office environment, becoming an artist/designer as a way to sustain a creative future is the best answer.

Custom FOUNDPUNK book shelf brackets made from new and found metal.

Why would artist/designer be a “thing?”

In my experience, working and creating solely as an artist, you don’t do a lot of art selling on a daily basis. The opportunity to sell art comes and goes like the wind on mostly windless days.

In truth, buying art is a luxury in most people’s minds. They realize almost every other thing is more important to put their money toward than purchasing a painting for their wall or a sculpture on a shelf.

Over the years, I’ve made note of that while honing the concept of FOUNDPUNK.

The integration of artistic sensibilities with the knowledge in working with different types of material gives me a unique edge on how to approach problems with creative solutions.


Also, taking design cues from antiques and Art Deco styling can lead to some really exciting design choices for anything from a useful container for the countertop at a business, to designing a client’s personal space.

The artist/designer has the ability to take a step back and make conscious decisions on what the best and most artistic design possibilities could be used and have the tools and skills to make it happen.

Listening, understanding and making note of thematics, can assist in making the project suite the needs of the client, while simultaneously making it personal and exciting.


At the base of it all, the goal is to maintain creative freedom and further my artistic design work for the foreseeable future and financial sustainability.

And be ready to help when someone needs to know a guy. 🙂

Custom doggie-dish holder

Check out more post on the site for the back stories on some of these projects.

Thanx for viewing


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