You Know A Guy: Library Design and Installation

Every once in a while you have a job that’ll test your abilities as an artist.

Although I’ve painted IMG_7977rooms and put up shelves before, the installation of an entire library was an opportunity to use my creative skills in a practical manner and in a larger scale.

It helped that the client was familiar with my art and FOUNDPUNK work, so they trusted me to create a space for their collection of books that have been stored in boxes and creates.

Being able to work in different materials, such as wood and metal, coupled with a background in graphic design and sculpture, all the skills came together to design and interesting shelving system that wasn’t simply rectangle shelves, fixed to a wall.

As an artist/designer, being allowed be creative within my own style and having constant communication with the client and making suggestions for their space, made this project a wonderful experience and one I really, really would love to do again!

(Check out the progress photos and see what it took to bring the project to completion!)


Thanx for viewing!

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