Collaboration Bench Repair & Resto Job…

The call came in that Andre Johnson had a bench he needed to repair and restore.

IMG_6949Knowing he was an artist that had a style that would look good on the wood I was going to replace, I convinced him to go beyond the initial idea and turn the job into a collaboration.

He agreed and when I went to pick up the bench and I immediately knew there was potential to this project to look awesome!

I went to work breaking it down,
fixing holes in the metal, adding
design elements and cutting the
wood to hand off to Andre to paint.

Once everything came back together, with new hardware, paint, sculptural elements and the painted and finished wood, it became a unique piece of art that was functional AND stylish!


Thanx to Andre for the collaboration opportunity.

And if you like to get a custom piece
of art like this bench, or a table,
or a shelf…

REMEMBER, you know a guy who works with the artist
that can make it happen! #artrepreneurrva #foundpunk #youknowaguyrva#ramseyartworks



Thanx for viewing!

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