Who is this guy?

June 30th 2016, my life changed because of being “laid off ” as a graphic designer… a job I’ve done for most of my adult life.

At that point, I decided to leave that work behind and take the leap to become a full-time artist and designer.

Very soon after the switch, I started having people ask me to do odd jobs… the kind of jobs that are too small or weird for a contractor and to complex for most people to do after work or on weekends.

They started saying: “hey, I know a guy!”
And that guy was me.

IMG_4400Refurbishing a wooden teardrop trailer for the Birdhouse Farmers Market (RVA), rebuilding ruined garden benches, and repairing and welding hinges for a 200lb. wrought iron gate and metal sculptures are some of the projects that have been taken on since becoming RAMSEY Art Works, LLC.
So, if you have a project that’s a little out of the norm for a general contractor,
and you need some help, give RAMSEY a shout, because you know a guy!

See the process photos and read the story of the BIRDHOUSE FARMERS MARKET Teardrop!